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Only the best for your best friend 

Preventative care and nutrition are essential to your pet's health and it is important to learn what your pet needs to stay healthy, happy and active.


Check out some of the products we offer in-house.

If there is something you would like delivered to your door,

you can order it straight from our online store!

Our Offerings

Hill's Science Diet
Royal-Canin Diet

Some pets require special diets and all pets benefit from good quality nutrition.  Our staff can help you determine what is essential for your pet's health and what will help your pet stay active and happy. 

We have a wide selection of Hill's Science Diet and Royal Canin Diets. We order and receive food weekly and will gladly place a special order for your pet. 

Looking for a new collar, leash or harness?

We carry Premium Tufflock with an unconditional lifetime guarantee

and made in the USA.

New patterns all the time!  

Premium Tufflock Guarantee
Premium Tufflock display
Premium Tufflock Collars
flea tick mosquito
Bravecto flea & tick prevention

Heartworm/Parasite prevention

         Centragard, Heartgard Plus, Sentinel, Revolution

Fleas/Ticks prevention

         Bravecto, Sentinel, Revolution, Foggers, Area treatments 

          Oral treatments for dogs, topical treatments for dogs, cats & horses.

Dental Care (Oral care diets, CET toothpaste)

For the anxious or nervous pet (cat or dog) we have a wide selection of

ThunderShirts and Palatech calming treats.

Medical Pet shirts are available for PostOperative care (instead of the cone) or in case of skin disease

Variety of grooming and skin care products 

Joint supplements for both dogs and cats

Joint supplements for cats & dogs
Grooming and skin care products
Medical Pet Shirt
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